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NTTI’s objective is to provide the indoor tanning industry with valuable, affordable and convenient training for tanning salon owners and operators. Our mission of education is simple— to improve the professionalism and reputation of the indoor tanning industry. Formal training teaches salon personnel how to recommend proper exposure times for each tanner and it also helps them to understand the technical aspects of indoor tanning.

As a sister company to LOOKING FIT® , for over a decade NTTI has provided education/certification programs to the indoor tanning industry.  In June 2001, The National Tanning Training Institute became the first tanning training program to offer an online option for industry certification. In addition to the on-line Basic Indoor Tanning Certification we offer: Sunless Airbrush Technician’s  Course, Sunless Training Course, Salon Operations and Procedures, and Lotions and Skincare.

Since its inception in 1992, the National Tanning Training Institute has trained more than 20,000 indoor tanning professionals. Today’s salon professionals realize the importance of certification and can use it to their advantage. In addition to running a more successful business, they now have the tools to educate customers and potential customers about the benefits of achieving a tan in a sensible, moderate and responsible manner.

Certification Is Only A Click Away

Salon owners and staff have the ability to become certified online, on their own time schedules.

Professional expertise gained through NTTI’s online programs has helped to increase tanning consumer confidence with the most up-to-date information available in the industry.

The NTTI Online Learning Center makes learning more accessible because it removes the physical boundaries of the classroom, reduces class scheduling restraints and offers easy access to industry training via any online computer. It is especially appealing to those salon operators who, for some reason, cannot attend regional distributor trainings or trade expos. The following highlights NTTI’s lineup of online courses.

Basic Certification

NTTI’s Basic Certification course provides indoor tanning salon owners and operators with an effective and inexpensive way to earn the crucial certification needed to successfully operate a tanning facility while staying competitive in an evolving industry.

The Basic Certification course is designed for owners and operators and covers a range of topics including: Skin Anatomy and Function; Understanding Ultraviolet Light; The Tanning Process; Determining an Exposure Schedule; Eye Protection; and State and Federal Regulations.

NTTI online Basic Certification is recognized in all states except Louisiana, this state requires in-classroom training.

In addition to in-depth coverage of the topics above, the program also includes a 50-page training manual, discussion on handling daily operational standards and a final exam. Successful participants in the course are issued a certificate of completion from NTTI

Salon Operations And Procedures Course

Managing and operating an indoor tanning salon is not a simple task. Although the daily procedures may seem like second nature to the experienced professional, the novice salon operator may find them overwhelming. This program provides the operational procedures salon owners must use and understand in daily operations. Although some details may vary slightly depending upon location and business goals, the program offers solid steps to use as effective guidelines.

Lotions And Skincare Course

For nearly a decade, the lotion and skincare sector has been the fastest growing segment of the indoor tanning industry. This stands to reason since proper skincare is essential to the overall tanning process as moist skin tans better.

Statistics gathered from LOOKING FIT'S® Top 250 surveys reveal that 52 percent of salons derive between 10 percent and 24 percent of their monthly revenues from lotion sales. With creative marketing and a full understanding of their benefits, salons can capture year-round profits with lotions and skincare products if they implement solid marketing methods. Salons should recognize that time is a precious commodity and consumers are looking for a one-stop shop for all their skincare needs.

The Lotions And Skincare Course highlights the importance of quality skincare and clears up misconceptions about the most common ingredients found in indoor tanning lotions. The course includes merchandising and display tips, as well as a section on salon necessities needed to keep a tanning salon one step ahead of the competition.

One of a salon’s best resources for specific product training is from the distributor or manufacturer of the products the salon carries, so take advantage of their programs. This course provides salon operators with an online option to reinforce product knowledge.

Introduction to Sunless Tanning

NTTI also offers an online certification course for the rapidly growing sunless segment of indoor tanning. For the past five years, sunless is one of the fastest-growing segments of the indoor tanning industry. In fact, LOOKING FIT'S® Top 250 statistics reveal that 40 percent of salons offer at least one sunless stand-up booth and 22 percent offer sunless airbrush or HVLP turbine services.

Sunless has become an important player because it offers indoor tanning salons a new way to build their businesses and increase profits. Sunless tanning has opened up a limitless market, satisfying not only the tanning enthusiast but individuals who otherwise choose not to tan— indoors or outdoors—or who cannot achieve a tan.

The Sunless Process And Products Course covers the basics about sunless tanning and is designed to help salon employees address customer needs and promote another increasingly popular service for the tanning industry.

Sunless Airbrush Technician Course

This course is designed specifically for the airbrush or HVLP technician. Based on research and tests conducted by leading manufacturers of sunless spray systems, this course takes the technician from setup to application while discussing technique, safety, pricing and more.

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