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1. Before knowing what has to be done within a tanning salon, the manager or owner first must determine what two things in order to formulate a clear idea of what is to be achieved?
Price and Product
the short - and long-term goals of the salon
hours and location
Location and product
2. What is the best way to train employees to handle specific jobs in a certain way?
Explain what is to be done
Explain what is to be done, how it is done and why
Let them learn on the job
Employees shouldn't have to do things a certain way
3. Many professionals who are outstanding at their jobs have a difficult time branching into a management position, even when it's in the same field.
4. In regards to hiring and training employees, what is the best idea for finding employees?
Find an employee that is hungry
Get them already trained from a competitor
Use temp services
Find someone who is going to earn their wages, not just collect them
5. What is the most common source of problems in an employee-employer relationship?
A lack of communication
Lack of benefits
Full-time employment
Employers expect too much
6. After hiring, break the employee in slowly. Pushing too hard may cause a person with excellent work potential to become frustrated and discouraged.
7. What type of policy can solve many problems before they develop into major issues with employees?
The boss knows best
An open communication
The customer is usually wrong
Give the staff limited information regarding salon operations
8. Although rewards should play a role in an overall program, it's crucial for the working enviroment itself to be motivating. What is one thing often overlooked in creating such an enviroment?
Good pay
The existence of a detailed job description
Excellent hours
Free tanning for staff
9. When designing an incentive program for your employees, you should limit yourself to cash or percentage rewards
10. All customers fit into one of what four catagories?
Talkers, listeners, thinkers or nonthinkers
Beggars, borrowers, naggers or complainers
Belongers, emulators, achievers or socially conscious
None of the above
11. What do many retail experts claim is the best way to build and deep a strong, loyal and productive customer base
Customer Service
12. What must there be each time a retailer introduces a new product?
Free Samples
A radio broadcast
A Sale
A promotional campaign
13. What technique is used to stimulate consumer demand for a product where the consumer doesn't see the product at the store first (they may see it on television)?
Pulling technique
Pushing technique
Holding technique
teasing technique
14. The vast majority of regular tanning customers purchase their tanning time in what?
Mega salons
Individual visits
15. What has been the fastest-growing segment of the indoor tanning scene in the past five years?
Toe rings
16. Why does activewear sell well in tanning salons?
Because people who tan usually are active, more health-conscious individuals
Great price points
Better presentations
Bigger selections
17. In short, a marketing plan is everything that goes into providing a tanning service to your customers.
18. According to almost any marketing text, what are the primary points to keep in mind in devising a marketing plan?
Place & promotion
All of the above
19. Specific means of promotion include which of the following:
All of the above
20. What is the single most important resource a salon can have?
A large selection of lotions
Its Staff
Top equipment
21. There are five basic location factors that should be considered when selecting a business site. What is NOT one of them?
Pre-existing salon
Population density
Population income
22. When adding a new line of retail in your salon, what is necessary for its success?
Discounting the product
Offering a large selection
Announcing it
Offering a limited selection so as to not confuse the client
23. For retail offerings in a salon, what would be considered an "off-limits" item?
Virtually nothing
Cosmetics and nail products
24. What is one method of creating a market for a product by positioning it as different to any other product like it in its class?
Making it fit in with existing products
Placing it next to other products
25. What is the final process in selling? This is where the salesperson asks if the consumer would like to purchase some of the product.
26. What is a particularly effective way to get people to try tanning lotions while in your salon?
Self service
27. What type of ad is measured in vertical rows called "Columns" and might include eyecatching typefaces, art, logos and other elements?
Classified ad
Basic listing
Space listing
Display ad
28. What is the first thing to consider in your newspaper advertising?
Will it reach the people in your target audience?
Number of Pages
Editorial content
29. When deciding when to do your newspaper advertising, what is a good day to catch shoppers getting ready for weekend spending (retail-day)?
30. According to many experts, where is the best location to place an advertisement?
Front page if you can get it
Right-hand page, near the right margin, above the fold
In the sports section
Left-hand page at the bottom

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