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1. For what purposes do tanning customers use sunless products?
As a quick fix for tanners pressed for time.
As a tanning booster in between sessions.
To augment a tan for delicate or hard-to-tan areas such as faces, hands and feet.
All of the above
2. The concern of streaks, splotches, and orange tint left on the skin would shy an uninformed customer away from sunless?
3. What is the first step in getting customers to buy or use sunless products?
Free giveaways
Gift with purchase
Tanning bed is not available

4. What does the tanning industry recognize dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, as?
The colorless sugar that makes the magic happen in the self-tanning process.
A type of outdoor tanning product
A dark brown bronzer
A new fragrance used in most tanning products
5. How does DHA work to tan the skin?
It stimulates the melanocytes
DHA reacts with skin proteins, including amino acids, in the outermost layer of skin. The reaction develops brown skin coloring that looks very similar to a natural tan.
DHA does not tan the skin in sunless products
6. How long does Skin coloration take in the sunless process?
Anywhere from twenty to thirty hours and lasts three to five days--depending on skin type and the DHA concentration in the lotion
Anywhere from two to four hours and lasts three to five months--depending on skin type and the DHA concentration in the lotion
Anywhere from two to four hours and lasts three to five days--depending on skin type and the DHA concentration in the lotion
Anywhere from two to four hours and lasts three to five hours--depending on skin type and the DHA concentration in the lotion
7. How does the sunless tan fade?
As the melanocyte stops producing melanin
As the chemical is washed from the skin
As the dead layers of skin slough off, just as in normal tanning.
The sunless tan never fades
8. When was DHA discovered as a skin-coloring agent?
In the 1900s
In the 1920s
In the 1940s
In the 1980s
9. When did DHA appear commercially?
In the 1960s
In the 1980s
In the 1900s
In the 2000s
10. When did the Food and Drug Administration add DHA to its list of approved cosmetic ingredients?
In the 1920s
In the 1950s
In the 1970s
In the 1990s

11. What are some of the reasons self-tanners are gaining favor?
A sunless tan is the same as a UV tan
Ease of application and upkeep
Tanning equipment is harder to find
Customers enjoy the sunless fragrances
12. Today, self-tanner application has been refined and products have gained a respectable place in industry.

13. About how long does a sunless tan last?
About one to two days
About five to fifteen days
About twenty to thirty days
About three to five days
14. Bronzers do not wash off in soap and water.
15. What do DHA bronzers provide customers?
Only tint
Only DHA skin reaction
Tint and DHA skin reaction
None of the above

16. Why would you want a customer to conduct a patch test before using a bronzer?
It keeps the customer busy
Each person's skin may react differently to the formula. Conducting a patch test guarantees you will like the color
You can increase the price of the product
They get a chance to smell the product

17. What seems to be the only negative byproduct of self-tanners
They don't work
Skin dryness
Not convenient
Not available in the United States

18. What are some tips for use of sunless tanners and bronzers?
Use self-tanners to even out tans and cover tan lines.
To create a darker tan, reapply the formula two or three times, allowing three to four hours between applications.
To maintain your sunless tan, reapply every few days.
All of the above

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