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Ohio Frequently Asked Questions

Attention: Effective June 1, 2003 If you hold a license as a:
Cosmetologist, Managing Cosmetologist and a Cosmetology Instructor, Natural Hair Stylist, managing Natural Hair Stylist and Natural Hair Stylist Instructor, Manicurist, Managing Manicurist and Manicurist Instructor, Esthetician, Managing Esthetician and Esthetics Instructor

You now can earn 4 Approved Course Credit Hours when you take the Tanning Certification test.

Please provide your Cosmetology license No. when registering for the test in order to obtain the credit.

Frequently-Asked Questions About NTTI Online Examinations For Ohio Residents

Question: Do I need to bring a picture ID to show at the test center?

Answer: Yes, you will be required to present a government-issued photo ID (drivers license, military ID, etc); then test center personnel will record ID information proving your participation in the online program.

Question: When are the exam dates?

Answer: Whenever you schedule it! With our selection of testing centers around Ohio, exams are not limited to specific dates. When an online test and payment are processed at NTTI, a 15-day window is assigned to the candidate.. The candidate then calls the local test center telephone number to schedule his/her exam at a convenient date (within the assigned 15-day window), and time.

Question: Will test centers be able to handle the number of examinees wishing to test?

Answer: Test scheduling will be more difficult at certain times of year due to the peak-tanning season and newly announced Ohio requirements for formal training. We suggest as soon as you receive confirmation from NTTI regarding your online practice test, you contact a scheduling center as soon as possible so that an appointment for final examination can be scheduled in advance.

Question: Does NTTI publish complete information about the final examination?

Answer: The practice test given at will be very similar to the final test given at the various testing centers across the country. The final test will simply be proof that the individual applying for status as a formally trained operator spent adequate time studying the training material offered online.

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