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Sunless Airbrush/HVLP Technician Course Chapters
Introduction to Sunless
Setting up your Equipment
Skin Preparation and Application
Working with the Client
Federal Statement on DHA

Electrical Safety

Avoiding Slips & Falls

Chapter 4
Working with the Client

Customer Instructions

Airbrush tanning is a new experience for many people. They may be apprehensive about their first session. To relax the customer, explain how your system works and explain each step in the spraying process. Once you are comfortable with the system, you will quickly develop your own routine.

  • Have customers step into the spraying area or booth. Holding the nozzle away from them, run a few short blasts of air through the brush to clear the mechanism. Pull back on the button to release a small amount of solution to assure yourself the solution is flowing and the nozzle is producing a fine, even mist.
  • Turn to customers and explain that the brush will spray both air alone or air and solution mixed. Demonstrate this to them by applying a jet of just air to their hand or arm to show how it feels; then, aiming away from customers, allow the airbrush to release a mist of spray into the air for them to see the difference. You may want to further explain the difference between the cosmetic bronzer that they will see immediately and the color from DHA (dihydroxyacetone) solution that will develop in a few hours. You may want to mention that the DHA color is derived from the sugar-cane plant.
  • Explain that having the air sprayed on the face may be an odd sensation at first, and tell them you will do a test run with just air to get them accustomed to the feel.
  • Instruct customers to close their eyes and mouth while you make this quick test pass. While you are spraying, you can explain that they should keep their eyes closed the entire time you are spraying their face, and that you always will let them know when you are about to spray over their nose, mouth or eyes so they will have ample time to hold their breath and will not have to hold it long.
  • As you gain experience, you can add some darkening on the cheek to highlight the curve of customers’ cheekbones, much like how makeup is applied for the same purpose.
  • Maintaining an informative conversation will help relax customers.
  • During the time you are spraying customers, don’t miss the opportunity to review the steps to maintaining a sunless tan. This is an excellent time to mention the benefits of the various retail products you have for sale that will help them maintain their sunless tan and better prepare their skin before the next application.
  • The sunless spray solution should dry enough in time for customers to re-dress in eight to 12 minutes, depending on the individual. The clients should wait four to five hours after tanning before showering, swimming or engaging in vigorous physical activity. Avoid immediately wearing tight-fitting clothing that may cause lines in the tan.
  • Remember to remind your customers that the cosmetic bronzing color they see immediately will wash off with their first shower. The DHA will begin to activate in two to four hours and will replace the cosmetic color lost when they shower. Full results will develop over the next 24 hours. Their natural-looking sunless tan should last four to five days with proper maintenance.

Note: DHA products can lose their effectiveness when exposed to heat. Unless otherwise stated by your sunless-solution manufacturer, you should only order two to four weeks worth of product at a time and store it in a cool, dark place. Avoid placing in direct sunlight. Refrigeration is not absolutely necessary; however, you should refrigerate when possible to ensure maximum product life and performance.

Other Tips

You can speed up customer drying times by drying them off with a handheld hair dryer set on cool or low temperature.

You can construct a temporary exhaust fan from a box fan fitted with a heating and air-conditioning filter to remove overspray from the air around the airbrushing area.

Keep a compressor and airbrush near the front desk to offer quick sprays to fix “raccoon eyes” on UV-tanning customers. This service is routinely charged at $3 each.

Room Setup

It is recommended that semi-gloss paint be used on walls instead of flat paint. When choosing a paint color, look for a medium tone that will mask overspray but will still allow you to see it for cleaning.

A piece of low-pile carpeting can be placed on the floor. Make sure to have clients take care when moving from the carpeting to a hard floor so they do not slip on any potential overspray.

An overspray booth over (change to or) overspray fans with filters should be set up.

Schedule Planning/Pricing

The following information simply provides examples of session times and fees charged for sunless procedures. Your prices will vary based on your market area and clientele.

Pricing And Session Times
(times 25 percent to 50 percent shorter for HVLP sessions)

Full Body Session (approx. 20 min.) $25
Face/Shoulders/Arms (approx. 6-8 min.) $12-$15
Full Facial/Neck Blend (approx. 3-5 min.) $5-$8
Raccoon Eyes caused by eye protection (approx. 1-2 min.) $3-$5

Sunless Packages

Additionally, many salons have developed packages that work well in certain demographic areas.

3 Full-body sessions for $60
5 Facial touch-ups fro $12-$20, etc.

Another option would be to combine UV with your sunless packages for tanners who use both services.

Using these guidelines, you can estimate what would be most attractive to your customers. However, these numbers are based on market information from current sunless spray technicians.

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